Are you a sea monster or a mermaid?


When someone meets you, what’s the first thing they notice?

Pick a place to spend the summer in.

You’re headed to a dinner party. What do you bring?

What was your worst subject in school?

If you had to pick one of these jobs, which would it be?

Pick somewhere you’d like to go swimming.

When did you last visit where you were born?

Are you a sea monster or a mermaid?

Your outward appearance is on the less conventional side, which is not always a real reflection of your inner self. Deep down you’re a complex soul who enjoys revisiting places and finding new in the old. Even though you’re a bit traditional, you’re always the first to jump into new things, diving deep into unexplored depths to find the beauty in even the most inhospitable places. Even when those new things feel overwhelming, you seem to embrace them in stride.
You can be a bit of a homebody when the mood strikes, which is perfectly suited to your desire to make your home a warm and inviting place. You love to spend time cooking, decorating, and generally handling the demands of everyday life. Your home is often filled with pets, plants, or other things that require a lot of attention and care.
While first impressions might not be your strong suite, you seem to win people over effortlessly and have many deep connections. Try to play up these strengths rather than get disheartened by what you feel you lack.
Sea Monsters usually have Green Scales!

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You’re a MERMAID!

You are always pushing the envelope when it comes to outward looks, either through a unique sense of style or by keeping yourself in good shape. People often describe your look as “clean” and while you keep a professional and oftentimes traditional outward appearance, you pride yourself on being forward thinking and cutting edge. You love to be challenged and are always looking for something - or someone - new. While this sometimes comes across as flighty to people you don’t know well, your closest companions know you’re one of the most loyal people around.
You can be a bit spend-happy when the mood strikes, which suits your desire to always have the newest of everything just fine. And while you’re always out collecting, your home is always kept tidy. Everything has a place, even if you have to spend hours finding the perfect spot for your newest treasure.
People seem naturally drawn to you and you rarely have trouble forming new friendships. Apply this natural charm to your oldest relationships and you might just discover something new.
Mermaids usually have Blue Scales!

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