Applying Temporary Tattoos

Follow these steps to ensure a picture perfect mermaid look:

  1. Cut out the desired tattoo shape and apply to clean, dry skin
  2. Soak the paper with water. Hold in place for 30 seconds or until paper easily slides off
  3. Let the tattoo dry thoroughly before getting it wet or moving around

For added protection, spray with a makeup setting spray and allow to dry

Avoid these things to make sure your tattoos last as long as possible:

Try not to place the tattoos in areas that get a lot of friction, such as around joints or under clothing

Avoid applying sunscreen directly to tattoos

Avoid washing tattoos with soap

Avoid spraying tattoos with insect repellant and other sprays

Removing Temporary Tattoos

Do you need to get your temporary tattoos off before work? Or maybe your kids are headed back to school and they need the tattoos washed off before class. Whatever the reason, our temporary tattoos are easy to remove!

To quickly remove a temporary tattoo, simply unfold one of our Remover Wipes and rub vigorously to remove the tattoo.

- OR -

If you don’t have a Remover Wipe on hand, take a cotton ball or pad, dampen with baby oil, and rub vigorously to remove a tattoo.