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What type of mermaid are you?

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What type of mermaid are you?
Purple Mermaid

Your personality can be summed up with one word: Wild! You are the life of the party and the natural leader of your group, which is what makes you a PURPLE MERMAID. You strive to be a positive influence on other merfolk around you, but you also know exactly how to let loose and you’re not afraid to show off this more exuberant side to strangers. Your kind tends to have latent spiritual powers, but sometimes this manifests as a connection to the spirit world. Always listen to your gut as ignoring these gifts can cause bad omens to appear.

Despite your somewhat chaotic demeanor, you are very much the rock of your group and offer sage advice in their times of need. You have seen some hard times yourself and know how important it is to stay positive and upbeat, which is why you always put on a brave face for the people around you. You tend to bottle up your feelings, so maybe try opening up every once in a while.

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Blue Mermaid

Your mirth for adventure and drive to uncover hidden treasures is what makes you an EMERALD BLUE MERMAID. You’re a natural adventurer with an inquisitive mind, eager to dive into the darkest depths to uncover hidden treasures and find secrets known only known to the bravest merfolk. You share a deep connection with the more mysterious side of the ocean and are always in-tune with the tides, usually the first to know when a storm is brewing. Because of this connection you like to think of yourself as an intuitive individual. Your inquisitive nature causes you to be determined in the pursuit of a deeper meaning, which may come across as callous or cold to the people around you. Despite your sometimes cold and mysterious appearance, you are a very accepting and caring person to anyone you become close to. Sometimes you can be a bit too predictable, so maybe try and change things up once in a while!

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Pink Mermaid

Your big personality is only topped by your bigger wardrobe, which is what makes you a PINK MERMAID. You are the star of the show in every way and you have a flair for the more eccentric side of life, which you love to put on display at every opportunity. From your wardrobe filled with intricate gold accessories to your collection of rare sunken treasures, if it doesn’t glitter then it doesn’t interest you - and you have no issue with saying as much. Despite the occasional assumption that you’re shallow, you are a deep and caring person who simply demands the most out of life. This powerful drive you possess for life manifests in the form of healing abilities, which are highly sought after. Pretending all the world’s a stage is your life motto, but don’t be let down when the people around you don’t take up a part in your play. Keeping a check on your ego is something you struggle with a lot, so accepting not everyone you meet will play a role in your grand performance will help you move on and find the ones who are.

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Teal Mermaid

The first thing someone might think when they meet you is, well, “harmless”, but that’s what makes you so dangerous - as well as a TEAL MERMAID. You may be sweet on the outside but you’re as sharp as any sword and you keep your wit honed, unafraid to showdown with anyone who crosses you. Your kind is naturally intelligent and adept at solving problems, sometimes to the point where it seems like you’re looking into the future and your dreams are often prophetic. Always listen to your gut as ignoring these gifts can lead to bad omens. Because you see problems before they arise, you often feel stuck and can become indecisive. You need to learn that it’s okay not have all the answers all the time, even when there’s a dark abyss of uncertainty looming before you. Close your eyes and dive in and you’ll be surprised by the hidden things you find.

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