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Realistic Skin and Scale

Mermaid Swimsuits


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Mermaid Swimsuit

Inspired by mermaids, designed by humans.

Hit the beach or jump in the pool with this stand out one-piece swimsuit! We've meticulously crafted a unique all over print featuring realistic skin and scales that pairs nicely with any mermaid outfit you’ve got planned. This realistic print makes for an awesome addition to a mermaid costume, layering seamlessly with your natural skin to give an illusion of mermaid scales. The full coverage of the suit also offers plenty of modesty while still catching the eyes of onlookers!

  • Full color, realistic print in five different skin tones.
  • Handmade and hand stitched to order. 
  • Pair with our mermaid scale temporary tattoos for a perfect mermaid pair!

Whether you're lounging on the shore soaking up the summer sun, or lurking in the murky depths of a cool lake, you'll be spotted for sure wearing this swimsuit! (and if you’d rather not be seen - just take a dive into the water, our suits are great for lounging as well as swimming.) Swimsuits are handmade to order.

Our suits come in six different colors and five different skin tone options

Find the pair that suits you best for a perfect mermaid fit!