Two women wearing Mermaid Tattoos

Large Mermaid Scale Temporary Tattoos


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We’ve got you covered tip-to-tail with these realistic scale temporary tattoos!

Includes 1 temporary tattoo sheet per pack. Use them as favors for a mermaid party or pair them with your everyday mermaid outfit.

Try Mermaid Tattoos today and start living the mermaid life without all the commitment.

Size: 3" x 6" inches

For ages 4+

Water + Sweat Resistant

Swim to your heart’s content because these tattoos are made to be submerged

Last up to 3 days

We've put our scales to the test to ensure they can keep up with everything mermaid life throws at you!

Made in the USA

All of our tattoos are made in the USA with safe and non-toxic materials

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Weight 0.2475 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 0.3 in