Getting Started as a Mermaid Tattoos Influencer

Getting Started as a Mermaid Tattoos Influencer

First off I’d just like to say thank you for becoming a Mermaid Tattoos Influencer! We are truly grateful for all of our Mermaids, Mermen, and Merfolk alike that are creating fun and engaging content. We know it’s not an easy thing to do and so we’ve created a guide that we hope will inspire new ideas.


Figuring out where to wear your new scales is as important as applying them correctly. Check out the list of ideas below for new & interesting ways to wear Mermaid Tattoos! Make sure to follow our application instructions before applying for best results.

1. Face

Cut out the small scales to add a finishing touch to your mermaid look.


2. Neck

Scales on the neck are definitely an eye-catching addition. If you’re going for a striking mermaid look, adding a few tattoos around your neck might be the way to go.


3. Chest

If you’re out for a swim shoot then this is a great spot for some scales!


4. Waist

Another great spot is right around the waist. I like to pair these with a few on the chest, too! 


5. Legs

If you’re a mermaid/merman/merfolk who happens to have legs, one way to add a fun mermaid touch is with a few scales! Just make sure they don’t get covered up.

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Applying tattoos

To ensure a picture perfect mermaid look, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Cut out the desired tattoo shape and apply to clean, dry skin
  2. Use a wet towel to soak the paper with warm water. Hold in place for 45 seconds or until the paper easily slides off
  3. Let the tattoo dry thoroughly before getting it wet or moving around
  4. For added protection, spray with a makeup setting spray and allow to dry

Avoid these things to make sure your tattoos last as long as possible!

Try not to place the tattoos in areas that get a lot of friction, such as around joints or under clothing

Avoid applying sunscreen directly to tattoos

Avoid washing tattoos with soap

Avoid spraying tattoos with insect repellant and other sprays

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