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Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid woman on the rocks

Introducing Purple Mermaid Scale Tattoos!

I say it every year, but it bears repeating: Halloween is, and will always be, the greatest holiday of any season. When people hear fall they may think of cool autumn breezes and colorful leaves, but if you’re anything like me then you see Halloween for what it really is: The one time of the year where it’s socially acceptable to completely and utterly embrace your inner mermaid.

Basically, I wear only shell bras and refuse to leave my bath tub until November 1st hits. (Okay, I may be stretching the truth a bit here, but the only reason we’re not outside swimming is because fall temperatures finally decides to, well… fall.)

Jean Jacket Mermaid

And with that in mind we wanted to create something that captures the spookiest holiday in all its ghoulish glory: Purple scale tattoos. Pretty creepy, right!? Well, maybe not the creepiest thing out there, but a Zombie Mermaid costume is always on the table to up the creepiness. (Or even a dragon!)

Our purple scales are officially available (in both large and small sizes) and shipping out for a limited time. Make sure to grab a pair before October 24th to ensure they arrive in time for Halloween.

If you don’t think purple scales are quite your thing, that’s totally fine, we’ve got plenty of other colors available in our shop.

Not sure which color suits your mermaid personality best? We have a quiz that will pin-point your perfect match with deadly accuracy!

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