Our hand-crafted tattoo designs give the illusion of mermaid scales, which makes turning into a mermaid as easy as putting on pants (We should probably find a better comparison seeing as mermaids don’t have legs…), while being less permanent than a real tattoo.

Mermaid Tattoos specializes in temporary tattoos inspired by mermaids, designed by humans.

We grew up playing mermaids every summer with not much more than our imaginations, but the magic was very real in our minds. Mermaid Tattoos are our childhood fantasy made reality, conjuring up whimsical feelings of nostalgia. Every tattoo is infused with a little bit of this magic, helping to bring every mermaid’s dream to life, big or small, because everyone deserves to feel like a real mermaid!

Mermaid Tattoos first came to life in 2018 when Anslea, the brand’s founder, was inspired to make a temporary version of a friend’s mermaid tattoo. This first batch was only meant to be worn on a beach trip and nothing more, but after putting the leftover tattoos up for sale and quickly having them sell out, she realized other people might be interested in having Mermaid Tattoos for themselves. Within a month the shop was officially launched and has been growing ever since.

We want to continue growing the original magic that made those first Mermaid Tattoos so special, sharing our designs with all mermaid lovers and beyond!